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2019.12.01JAPAN RAIL CAFE brings a Twinkling Winter to the Urban Park!

Event Synopsis

Event Name: Kira Kira Wanderland by JAPAN RAIL CAFE

Date & Time: 12-15 December 2019, 11:00am to 9:30pm

Venue: Guoco Tower, L1 Urban Park


SINGAPORE ­– Winter in Japan is famed for her festive illuminations that are held all across the nation, be it in snowy Hokkaido or chilly Okinawa. Year after year, these elaborate light displays have never failed to attract troves of domestic and international visitors to admire the magical spectacle while soaking up the celebratory atmosphere.


Organised by JAPAN RAIL CAFE, Kira Kira Wanderland is the 5th edition in a series of seasonal events held in Guoco Tower’s Urban Park – namely Tokyo Summer Park (2018), Autumn In The Train (2018), The Sakura Lounge (2019), and Natsu Camp Fest (2019). In the Japanese language, “Kira Kira” means to twinkle or shine, and the same adjective is used to describe the sense of awe while admiring the heart-warming lights. ”Wanderland” is a wordplay that encompasses the wonders of travel, discovery, and wanderlust. This December, JAPAN RAIL CAFE is extending a warm invitation to all Japanophiles to celebrate the spirit of gifting and wanderlust right in the heart of the bustling Tanjong Pagar business district – be enthralled by the curated selection of retail, food, and travel information booths in this holiday season!

Programme Highlights


1. Winter Wanderland Seminars

In the Winter Wanderland Seminars series, visitors will be introduced to some of Japan’s most attractive sightseeing spots and itineraries during its winter season (Dec to Feb).


  • JA Arida Mikan Seminar                                12 Dec (Thu), 6pm to 7pm
  • JR West Seminar                                           13 Dec (Fri), 6pm to 7pm
  • JNTO: Tohoku Experiences Talk Show #1       14 Dec (Sat), 2pm to 3pm
  • JNTO: Tohoku Experiences Talk Show #2       14 Dec (Sat), 5pm to 6pm
  • JR East: Waku Waku Winter Seminar              15 Dec (Sun), 2pm to 3pm


Sweet and juicy, the mikan (mandarin oranges) is a favourite winter fruit amongst Japanese locals. Representatives from JA Arida City of Wakayama Prefecture will share about their unique variety of mikan which will be distributed to all visitors during their seminar.  Over at the JR West Seminar, visitors will learn about the various rail passes offered by JR West, the main train operator of Western Japan. JR West will also be recommending several winter spots accessible with the rail passes around the Kansai, Chugoku and San’in regions, and there will be prizes up for grabs!

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) will be hosting two exclusive “Tohoku Experiences” talk shows with popular blogger-influencer Cheesie and photographer Alex Ortega. Visitors can learn more about the lesser-known regions through insider tips from our special guests, who will be sharing from their personal experiences in Tohoku.


2. Kira Kira Waku-Workshops

“Waku waku” means to be excited or thrilled in Japanese – so visitors can let their creative juices run wild in our hand-picked, beginner-friendly workshops conducted by local artists in Singapore. Each participant will also receive an exclusive JAPAN RAIL CAFE tote bag to bring their handicraft home.

  • Gift Card Making by EPIC Workshops, 14 Dec (Sat), 12pm to 1pm

Gain hands-on experience in creating heartfelt and personal gift cards. Participants will get to learn unique techniques to raise their gift card designing skills to a whole new level.



  • Nagomi Art: Soft Pastel Christmas Card Workshop by Touch Art Peace, 14 Dec (Sat), 1pm to 2pm

In this introductory workshop to soft pastel art, participants will get to create their own version of a Winter Wonderland using soft pastel colours and their fingers.



  • Basic Candle Making by EPIC Workshops, 14 Dec (Sat), 3pm to 4pm

Learn basic information about soy candles. Participants will get to choose from a range of colour and scent selections, make the candles, and bring the candles home with them.



  • Posy Bouquet Arrangement by EPIC Workshops, 15 Dec (Sun), 12pm to 1pm

Learn techniques in designing and arranging exquisite posy bouquets from scratch. Participants will also get to bring home their end product to gift to their loved ones or add colours into their homes.



  • Christmas Baubles Making by EPIC Workshops, 15 Dec (Sun), 3pm to 4pm

Learn tips and tricks on decorating ornaments from scratch. Participants will also be able to bring home their very own baubles for decoration, just in time for Christmas.



3. Kira Kira Stage

Visitors can look forward to a line-up of exciting song and dance performances that can be enjoyed while unwinding after a long day with beer and snacks in their hands.


12 Dec (Thu) 

Believer Music


12pm to 2pm

Elton 李泓伸


7pm to 8pm



8pm to 9pm

13 Dec (Fri)

Two Four and Six Fusion


12pm to 2pm

Irwin Zephyr


7pm to 8pm

Ariel & Zai’En (A2Z)


8pm to 9pm

14 Dec (Sat)



4pm to 5pm

15 Dec (Sun)

Ardorhythmatics (A.D.R.M.)


1pm to 1:30pm



6pm to 7pm






The performance schedule is accurate as of the date of release. Please refer to the official event page for the latest updates:




4. Kira Kira Screenings


JCC Cinema Featured Films by Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

武士の献立 | A Tale of Samurai Cooking – A True Love Story (2013)

Directed by: Yuzo Asahara

Runtime: 121 min

14 Dec (Sat), 7:00pm

During the Edo Period of Japan, an excellent cook marries the heir to a renowned cooking family known as “kitchen samurais” who prepare food for the nobility. However, her husband is a terrible chef. In order the save the family reputation, she was asked by her father-in-law to teach him the ways of the culinary arts.


パパのお弁当は世界一 | Dad’s Lunch Box (2017)

Directed by: Masakazu Fukatsu

Runtime: 76 min

15 Dec (Sun), 7:00pm

Based on a true story that went viral on Japanese Twitter, this simple yet heart-warming film is about a single salaryman father making bento boxes for his teenage daughter during her high school days for 3 years. During her high school graduation day in her final bento box, she finds a handwritten letter from her Dad…

Tohoku Travel by Waku Waku Japan

12 Dec (Thu), 2-5pm

13 Dec (Fri), 2-5pm

14 Dec (Sat), 6-7pm

15 Dec (Sun), 4-6pm


Throughout the duration of the event, there will be screenings of travel documentaries from Waku Waku Japan, an entertainment channel that provides popular Japanese programs.


5. Fukubukuro Fair

Selected retails vendors will be selling their own Fukubukuro in limited quantities during the event. Known as “lucky bags” in Japanese, shops in Japan would make Fukubukuro as part of their New Year Sales and fill them with a variety of goods to sell them at substantially discounted prices. The exciting part about these lucky bags is the element of mystery – shoppers will not know the content of the bag until the moment of unboxing, but the value inside is guaranteed to be worth more than its price!


6. Grand Lucky Draw

Visitors who make purchases from retail booths or have participated in the travel information booths will receive a stamp card to collect stamps as they explore the event space. Upon collecting 3 stamps from different booths, visitors will stand a chance to win prizes such as JR East Passes (worth at least $200 each) and JR West Passes ­– which allows the winner unlimited train travel on JR lines within that specific region in Japan.


Participating Vendors (in Alphabetical Order)


Food & Beverages:

  • Hana-hana Japanese Restaurant by TEPPEI
  • Haritts Donuts & Coffee
  • Kimukatsu Singapore
  • Kirin Beer Singapore


Retail & Promotions:

  • Cocoonese
  • Jetsetters SG
  • Kagome Singapore
  • Karashiya Shiro
  • Kollidea
  • PlusOne Asia
  • RedSun Singapore
  • Sylph
  • Umeshuya



The programme highlights and list of vendors are accurate as of the date of release but may be subject to change.


Through various events promoting Japan and her culture, JAPAN RAIL CAFE aims to contribute to creating mutual, cultural inspirations between Singapore and Japan by establishing its role as a “platform for real Japan, platform for real communication”.


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Sponsors: AKITA INU TOURISM, JA Group Wakayama, JNTO, JR EAST, JR WEST, JTB, Kirin Beer Singapore, Sony


Partners: Guoco Tower, Japan Creative Centre, Singapore Red Cross Society, Vivid Creations, WAKU WAKU Japan


For media enquiries, please contact:


Wyncy Tan (Ms.)

Marketing Communications, Assistant Manager

JAPAN RAIL CAFE | JR East Singapore Office

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