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  • Our Story
  • Your journey begins when you fell in love with her.

She reminds you of the dreamy sakura, the familiar
Mount Fuji and your first anxious moment at the
station waiting to board the high speed bullet train
Shinkansen so that you could reach your destination faster to see more of her - Japan.

When the great time ended, you yearn for the next round of reunion.
You can’t wait to find out more or everything about her in the meantime.
Here we are always, waiting for you to share your stories
at our common platform - JAPAN RAIL CAFE.

At JAPAN RAIL CAFE, we bring to you the latest news on travel and
information beyond the usual concept.
We hope to communicate to you about Japan through our trendy food menu, items and workshops conducted by native Japanese who are
dedicated to our community.
Anyone can join the community, as long as you love Japan like we do.

Like traveling, we want it to be a two way continuous journey
where you can share with us your experiences and memories of
your travels as we marvel.
We would also love to see you drawing itineraries for your next
trip over a cup of coffee or tea.

Japan Rail Cafe

This is how the platform for real Japan can be formed through our real communication.

And this is where Our Journey begins…